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Did you go beyond secondary school or you just started acting?

I went beyond secondary school education of course. I graduated from Lagos State University, where I read Banking and Finance. So, I didn't just discover my acting talent and jumped into it without education. Education is important in everything.

When did you start acting?

I started very strongly some few years back. I had been participating in movies, but launched out strongly two years ago. When I was an undergraduate, I used to act. Then, when the universities were on strike, and I wasn't doing anything at home, I would take up some roles that I was being offered and I enjoyed them. But, I started my professional career in 2005.

Do you consider yourself a greenhorn then?

No, I'm not a greenhorn in this industry. I don't see myself as a beginner because I have featured in so many movies. I have up to 18 or 20 movies to my credit. It is not how far or how long but how well that matters. But it is about 10 that is very popular anyway. The recent ones that just came out are My Everlasting Love, Campus Love, Tears of Love, Angel and the Beast, Desperate Girls. I have also featured in many soaps such as Heaven's Gate on M-net and Treasures that is currently running.

How did you develop your acting talent?

Acting is in me naturally. It's what I have a passion for. It is something I really love to do and I started acting very early in life. I started when I was in primary school. I was participating in school dramas in primary and secondary school and I was doing it so well. I was also into cultural dances then. I also used to mime.

How was your first time of facing the camera?

I was actually given a lead role the first time. I was given the script, which I studied and I did it well. That was Angel and the Beast. And when we started shooting, I realised that it wasn't really what you see in the script that you were expected to do. I was expected to deliver more than what was in the script. You need to unleash your talent, thereby bringing more life into whatever role you are given. Acting isn't easy, but I can cope because I love it.

How about roles where you are expected to cry, how do you go about it?

Tears come naturally to my eyes, so that is no big deal.

Okay, can you cry for me now?

No, I won't do it please. Not that it is difficult, but I'm wearing my make-up and I won't want to soil my make-up.

When the movie director says give me tears, what do you remember that brings tears to your eyes?

Well, I just take deep breath and I just stare into a space without blinking and my eyes naturally will get cloudy and then tears will start dribbling down my cheeks.

Have you kissed on the set before?

Yes, I have (laughs).

What did your mum say about that?

I'm a big girl now (laughs).

So, what were the reactions of your parents the first time?

You know the thing with kissing on the set is that it is not as bad as it looks.


Yes, kissing on the set is not as bad as it looks. For instance, if I'm kissing an actor on the set, it's not like I'm really kissing him. What I do is just keep my lips on his and hold them there.

No, it doesn't (laughs). Not at all. You just hold the lips there and that way people think you are actually kissing the person but nothing is actually going on.

But when you are close to a handsome guy and he is holding you close to him, don't you have some feelings?

Yes, I know what you are saying (laughs). No I don't feel anything because I have a boyfriend.

Oh a boyfriend? He must be playing his roles well. What's his name.

He doesn't like all this. I mean he won't want to see his name on the pages of newspaper please. If I say his first name, people will recognise him. He is a popular person. He is well known in Lagos especially. So, please I'm sorry I won't mention his name.

Okay, let's talk about the way you met him and what was the fascination?

We met some three years ago. What fascinated me was his humility; he has a good sense of humour. He is just a very nice person. For instance, when I met him, I had a totally wrong impression of him because I used to think he was arrogant.