Zamfara PDP will not enforce Party Candidate: Mallaha

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Ibrahim Mallaha
Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Zamfara state Chapter, Alhaji Ibrahim Mallaha has assured all the party aspirants of the elective posts in Zamfara state with the equal level ground during party Primaries in Zamfara state.

The party will ensure internal democracy by allowing all the qualified and popular candidates to emerge for the primary and general elections, for unity and success of the party in Zamfara and Nigeria.

In a statement signed and made available to Press in Abuja, by the Zamfara state party Secretary Alhaji Musa Zubairu Nassarawa Mailayi, stated that both the party leadership and Zamfara state governor will not impose any aspirant to the people in whatever way, but will rather provide the best and better level ground to ensure the success of the party in all elections.

Alhaji Ibrahim Mallaha said, PDP Zamfara state executives will not abuse their office and anoints any candidate or imposed him to delegates rather will use reconciliation and negotiation methods to avoid crisis among all the party aspirants in the state.

Our unity and success is more important than anything in this political journey, and being politic as a practical, we can not affords bringing any unpopular candidate to contest with other parties, we must ensure that only credible and popular aspirants emerged as our candidate. Said Mallaha.

He described party primaries as not the best option toward sustaining unity of the party & democracy, especially if there are avenues for reconciliation; such  will provide strength, unity and peace among all the stakeholders.

Alhaji Mallaha said, Governor Shinkafi have already advised party executives against enforcing or anointing any candidate to the congresses, so as to avoid crisis in the party, rather they should use their leadership to settle any unforeseen crisis, through reconciliation and peace.

On the issue of party zoning crisis, Alhaji Ibrahim Mallaha said, it is party affair, those interfering from outside are only using the issue to exploits their selfishness and destabilized the unity of the party.

He said, PDP will unite and become much stronger, as we are one family and will at the end, bring out best and acceptable solution to this lingering issue. We will be one family in spite of political bickering by certain hired groups that want to destabilize and exploits our party unity.

He described Governor Mahmuda Shinkafi exemplary leadership as the best way toward ensuring peace and unity among all political stakeholders of the party in Zamfara state.