Zodafone Millionaire:President SEGUN ARINZE buys SUV

Source: olofofo - Nigeriafilms.com

The actor was one of the lucky ones that new telecoomunications giant zodafone has just signed on their label.

Zodafone which will soon launch its product alongside its 13 nollywood ambassadors recently paid each signed on ambassador the sum of N20million each,being half payment for the two year contract they signed.

Those on the zodafone ambassadorial list include actors Olu Jacobs,Segun Arinze,Bimbo Akintola,Florence Onuma,keppy Ekpeyoung,Ngozi Ezeonu,Omonii Oboli,Alex Lopez,Amina Atairu,Sefiya Musa,Emma Ehunmadu,Uche Nwaezeapu,Chidi Mokeme,Hauwa Maina.

This is the SUV's 'Segun just bought with the first half he got.

zodafone will also sign on musicians but the deal has not been closed.

Check out Seguns car,no be small thing oh!