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Julius Agwu needs no introduction as one artiste who has carved a niche for himself in the comedy business in Nigeria. Beyond comedy, Julius, who is popularly called 'Lagos big boy', has an intriguing attitude to fashion. He speaks


I don't think I can count the number of shoes I have. They are simply many. I keep buying and buying. If I go out and see a pair of shoes that somebody is wearing, it occurs to me that I have something like that. Without exaggerating, I have more than 2000 pairs of shoes.


I wear suit depending on the event. If it is a white wedding, I can wear a suit. If it is a traditional event, then I go traditional.


It is part of dressing. You don't need to dress and look all that good, and end up not wearing a perfume. You have to smell nice all the time to complement your dressing.

I am not particular about a design; I know that I have different ranges.

Boxers or briefs

I do both. It depends on what I'm wearing. If I wear a tight pair of jeans that I always like, then I wear briefs so that I am well 'packed', I don't need to display the size. But when I wear loose pants, I go for boxers.

Dream car

It has not been manufactured. My dream car is the car that you can drive in Lagos, when you get to a traffic jam, you come down, pack it like a briefcase and then walk across. When you pass the traffic, you can then unpack it and drive off again. I am not sure that car has been made yet.

Myself in three words

I am an entertainment practitioner who understands where his destiny lies, and is on the wheels of progress.

My first kiss

It was my mum that gave me that kiss. But I know that is not the one you want to hear.

Most prized possession

My talent

100 million dollars gift

I will pay my tithe and buy shares, then I will begin to invest the rest. Then again, I have fixed my wedding for next year. Ha! Abeg o! It is not money that made me not to be married o! As for the share, I would buy directly from Ndi Okereke-Onyuike.

Dream possession

What I crave most in life is to be married. It is really bothering me. My dream is to be married.

Put off

I don't like people who are not natural. I hate it when people pretend and try to be impressive

Favourite meal

It is eba, of course! That was what my parents used in training us. In our house then, we used to eat balance diet – eba in the morning, eba in the afternoon, and garri with groundnut in the night.