Star actor and anchor of the Gulder Ultimate Search IV, Bob Manuel Udokwu, spoke on his experience during the recently concluded TV reality show

Q: Congratulations on the successful hosting of the Gulder Ultimate Search IV. What was your experience at the Shere Hills?

A: Thank you. I knew it was going to be challenging at the beginning and it really was. But as I told the media at the beginning that I am equal to the task, people have seen the show and everybody believes that it was the best Ultimate Search so far. I have lived up to expectation, although the challenges were enormous. The unforeseen, unexpected, which were part of the slogan, also happened at every point in time. Shere Hills is not a place anyone can take for granted but it was a wonderful experience. As I always say, every new experience in life enriches you as an individual, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Q: Why do you consider it a new experience since you had been to many film locations before this one?

A: It was not really new, but in some aspects, it is different because it was a reality show and not a regular movie where you have rehearsals and other things planned. More so, scripts are strictly followed. In this wise, sometimes you have to use your intuition, initiative and sometimes the ability to adapt to situations, where you have to improvise. You just need to have that mental capability to be able to interpret the situations and be calm before you can handle a show like that.

Q: At times, you were forced to evict contestants from Shere Hills. Didn't you feel emotional while doing that?

A: I am very humane, but the show had to go on. If we didn't evict people at all, that meant at the end, we would have the same number of people and there wouldn't be any winner. So to win, somebody had to lose, while somebody had to win. It was something that you had to do dispassionately. They were all my friends because we were all attached to one another, but despite the situation, the job had to be done and my role was that of an unbiased umpire.

Q: One of the contestants died at the time you took over as the anchor, how did you feel when the news of the tragic incident got to you?

A: It was a terrible blow to everybody, not just me alone. It was a tragic incident which affected everyone and a lot of things. We pray that no such thing ever happens in the history of Gulder Ultimate Search, but the incident will remain forever in the hearts of those of us that experienced it.

Q: Having featured in many film projects in the past, how would you rate your performance at the GUS IV?

A: It is left for the public to judge, but for me, it was just another world. I can only say that I put in my best, but the rating and all the rest should be left for the general public to judge.

Q: What challenges did you face while anchoring the show?

A: It was a special job, which one must have the intellect to cope with. It was not the kind of job you could rehearse, you must have the mental capability and very sharp sense of reasoning, otherwise, situations will come which you won't have the capability to handle. I believe that I was able to bring in something different into the GUS IV and that is one of the reasons people rated it the best reality show. There is basis for comparison except that the usual elements of production were there but it was not like a regular drama.

Q: What do you think gave you an edge over your colleagues during the GUS IV audition?

A: I guess it was because I have the experience, training and certain natural abilities, which I believe some of my colleagues don't have. That aside, I guess the panel that did the selection is in the best position to say why I was chosen to anchor the show.

Q: What then are you working on for now?

A: I'll keep working and the show must go on.