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Call Elizabeth (Liz) Benson darling of the movies and no one will object. Call her Nollywood's 'jewel of inestimable value' and no eyebrows will be raised. The talented actress draws fans by their millions anytime her adorable face graces a movie. Liz takes it all in her stride and remains cool, calm and collected.

Elizabeth Benson was born in1966,from Akwa Ibom.She is a Nollywood actress whose rise started from the soap opera "Fortunes" in 1993. She later switched into home movies like "Glamour Girls" (1994), True Confessions and Izaga to mention a few. The Efik born acting diva is one of Nigeria's most prolific actresses and holds a degree in Dramatic Arts. She has worked with reputable Nigeria Filmakers such as Lola Fani Kayode, Zeb Ejiro, Chuck Mike, Andy Amanechi, Tunji Bamishigbin and Lai Arasanmi.

Liz lost her husband (Samuel Gabriel Etim) while around her mid-twenties. Liz said that she actually gained strength from his character and that made her be able to carry her and her kids through the loss. She is not currently remarried because she says she takes marriage sacred and doesn't want to rush into it, but has admitted in the past to be in a relationship but currently at peace with the Lord.
She started acting when she was five years old and she once had a fling with a bloke called Abbey.

She is a very famous person. She is loved by most movie watchers in Nigeria and is seen as one of the first ladies of Nollywood. Reputed to be one of Nigeria's finest actresses and who is also greatly sought after, acting for this second child in a family of four has been a matter of childhood past time, which has resulted almost effortlessly into stardom. To say that her talent is appreciated beyond our shores and to also suggest that she has distinguished herself as an actress who can be termed 'articulate' is stating the obvious. Liz not only stands out for the skills that she brings to bear on her performance but she is regarded for some of the finest acting virtues, which she represents.

Some of her more popular roles include her role as Titubi in Femi Ospfisan's Morountodun and as Mrs. Agnes Johnson in "Fortunes" a soap opera which ran for about two years on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Channel 10. She has acted in a number of Nollywood Films such as Evil Men 1 and 2, Shame, conspiracy, Izaga, Burden, Stolen Child, Faces, Dead End, Tycoon, Glamour Girls, Body of Vengeance and a horde of other movies.