Actor Van Vicker - Sorry, He' Married

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Yes, Van is married but no, not to Nadia. The good looking actor tied the knot four years ago with Adjoa Van Vicker and they have two lovely daughters, J-dyl, three and J-ian, one.

As a lead role actor, it is not rare to be linked romantically to female co-stars off screen and Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker is no exception.

Prominent among questions that fans who are mostly women throw at Van when they meet him is whether he is married to Nadia Buari who he has starred alongside with in quite a number of films.

Yes, he is married but no, not to Nadia. The good looking actor tied the knot four years ago with Adjoa Van Vicker and they have two lovely daughters, J-dyl, three and J-ian, one.

Talking to the Graphic Showbiz, Van said the issue about him being married to Nadia came up on several occasions when he recently visited the United States to premiere The Return of Beyonce, a Venus Films Production in which he played the lead role.

“The whole thing blew out of proportion when people got to know that I was in town. My fans, 97% of whom were females were all over me asking for autographs. They wanted to know if Nadia was my wife in real life.

“They could easily identify me wherever I went, imagine me walking down the streets of New York and people just screaming my name or simply calling me Raj (his name in Beyonce). It was amazing and I couldn't believe that our movies had been so well accepted by the people over there,” he said.

Another thing that people always argue about is his nationality. Van says he is of mixed race. “My father is Dutch and my mother is of Ghanaian and Liberian parentage. So you see I belong to all three and that's the nice thing about being mixed.”

Van's visit was not limited to just the Bronx in New York where the premiere took place but he was also invited to other states like Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Ohio, Virgin Island, Columbus, Connecticut and Chicago.

Dinners were held on his behalf in almost all the places he visited and he was honoured with two awards—Excellence in Movies from the 1st Annual Ghanaian DJ Recognition Night, and another from Akwaaba Promotions.

Talks are also underway to make him a Ghanaian or African model for a Nike Company.

While in the US, Van said a Nigerian distributor told him that the sale of Ghanaian movies had increased and the biggest fans are those from the Caribbean who patronise them most because of the good story-lines and clean language.

He also found out that Universal Studios is interested in Ghanaian movies.

“Ghanaian movies have improved a lot from acting to sales, our producers may not be seeing it here but out there it is simply overwhelming.”

Perhaps Van is getting bigger than he imagined because even before he left and after his return from the US, he is getting lots of offers from producers all over especially from neighbouring Nigeria where he is set to play major roles alongside Nollywood stars like Genevieve Nnaji and Ramsey Nouah under Divine Productions.

So how is Van handling stardom? “It's not so bad but it's difficult being nice and keeping up with the fans all the time because sometimes they get too demanding.”

Van who won the Best Actor for Feature Film at the recently held Ghana Actors Guild awards said the honour has urged him to work harder because he appreciates the fact that as an actor he receives lots of criticisms as well as commendations,

“with movies one needs to improve all the time,” he said. Currently he is on set doing a production for A. A. Productions.

Van, who turned 30 on August 1 this year will be producing and directing his own movies from November this year, “we need to make more movies because people like our stuff and I am not just going to add to the numbers. My movies are going to be of high standard,” he said with a lot of enthusiasm.

For Van, it all started with Divine Love followed by Mummy's Daughter and Beyonce, “from there everything started falling in place and I have been extremely busy for the past year and half.

He doesn't have a favourite of all the movies he has done because he watches with a technical eye and always has this conviction that it could have been better.

Is Van Vicker rich? All he could say was that he is comfortable. Aside acting, he hosts a programme on TV called Game TV and runs Sky+Orange, an advertising agency and events management company.

He also runs a barbering shop, Babetown, where one can also shop for trendy clothes and shoes, play pool, listen to some good music, watch movies and have a drink.

Story by Jayne Buckman-Owoo