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The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has suspended 23 film marketers who have flouted its provisions.

The Board, which is the apex body in the film and video industry, has intensified efforts in ridding the industry of marketers who have chosen to disobey its guidelines.

The Board frowned at the manner in which some marketers have continued to contravene its laws by releasing films without the Board's authorisation, airing promos not approved by the Board and refusing to abide by the laid down procedures requiring marketers to have classification symbols on the jackets of their films.

The defaulters include, Great King Limited, which released Lady of Faith, without classification symbol on the jacket. Church and Tradition was released illegally, while Dangerous Blind man and Sons of State, from the same company, were found to have been released with unapproved promo materials.

Mega Movies was also suspended for illegally releasing End of Discussion and Exchange of Power without the Board's authorisation.

Other defaulting film marketers suspended by the Board include, Don Nkems Production, for releasing Tears from Holland illegally; Outstrip Production was also guilty for releasing two films, Ugly Temptations and Across the Bridge without clearance from the Board.

The implication of the offences is that the affected film marketers can no longer bring their films for censorship and classification before the Board. They also face being arrested and prosecuted for it. The Board is intensifying its effort to comb both major markets and streets to confiscate the affected films.

Infinity Films/Merchant also incurred the wrought of the Board by illegally releasing into the market, Growing Up 2 and Love in China.

Great Future also joined the list of defaulters for releasing My Sister, My Love; Spiritual Challenge and Tears in My Heart illegally into the market without the consent of the Board. P Collins' Demon in Law does not have any classification symbol on the jacket. The films African Queen, by Ulzee Nigeria Ltd; Classical Fraud by Simex/Ernesto Production; The Barons by Magic Movies Industries Ltd; Stand Together by Bright Star Movies; and Andy Best Electronics' Biggest Boy in Town, among others contravened the Board's edict on illegal release, lack of classification symbol or airing of unapproved promos, as such risk being seized by the NFVCB.