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When Larry Koldsweat, Uche's father's friend featured Uche in a movie Fear of the Unknown in 2001little did he know that the young lady of that yesteryears would soon become a household name. Today, Uche, International Relations graduate of Imo State University has proved all doubts as her impressive appearance in the movie industry called Nollywood in Nigeria has recorded unprecedented success.

This youthfully looking talented actress, Uche who has starred in over 30 home videos is not only becoming a dominant force but an icon to reckon with. She has even veered into highlife music to be director P. Collins, Ijelove.

Shortly after her debut movie, she went back to school to concentrate fully on her studies but her coming back after her graduation in 2004 has been so thrilling and striving. She proved her worth in a movie by Amaco entitled Consequences where she played a role different from her character. She has featured in Missing Ribs, Yankee Girls, War Against Women, Last Occult, Rainmakers, Koko Babes to mention but a few.

Whenever you see the versatile actress, Uche Elendu, don't try to call him Uche as his fiancé who is well known, as Uku may not like the idea. Why? She has been hooked in far away United Arab Emirate where, we gathered, her fiancé hosted a superlative engagement party for her. In a telephone chat last week with the sultry actress reveals...

QUEN: We learnt that you are getting married to a UK based guy soon?
Ans: Mike na wa oh! Where did you get that? I don't know about that oh.

QUEN: We learnt you are dating somewhere based abroad; can we have a bit about him?
Ans: What do you want to know about him Michael? Well, I just came back 3 days ago from the United Arab Emirate where he had a superlative engagement party for me. He's a businessman based in the United Arab Emirate but spends most of his time in the UK where he has his investment.

QUEN: How did you meet?
Ans: We met about a year ago. After endless calls as a fan I gave in.

QUEN: Where is he from?
Ans: He's from Anambra State from a royal home.

QUEN: What is his real name?
Ans: I wont disclose his real name. I will only give you a clue; he's popularly called Nku (Money)

QUEN: What was the major attraction when he sighted you?
Ans: Well, according to him, my acting prowess, humility and my smile (Laughs)

So, when is the proper wedding going to hold?
Ans: As soon as possible. in fact, you will be the first to know.