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Renowned entertainment impresario popularly called Ed Jatto in the music industry is now 'born again' as he has just released a new album titled Fuji Praise into the music shelf. Jatto latest work which is said to be borne out of his love and desire for God's works is a bang. When we asked why he went gospel this time, “Irrespective of your background or believe, a man must do something to praise God. Whatever or whoever a man may be, God is the greatest, the Supreme Being, the Creator of heaven and the earth. Not until I become born again before I can sing His praises, it just came naturally” He informed us.

From all indications, good things seem to have been crawling in ever since his new belief about God as he has started a TV program called Jatto Live on Galaxy Television, Lagos, Nigeria.

“Why I started this TV show is because of the interest the advertisers shown to it'. I conceived the concept and I told some of them before I blink my eyes, they have all jumped to it. Maybe because of the uniqueness in presentation.” He elatedly revealed. Aside artistes' interviews, music video, the main unique selling point of the show is the reality aspect of it which makes it stands out.

Ed Jatto is an Okene-Kogi State born entertainer; he delves into music professionally in 1979 and ever since, he has been making unprecedented success as he has an international standard recording studio and label in Nigeria and America. Music which he took as a mere passion, today, has become the bedrocks for him. “Music has done quite a whole lot for me”. He said. He has traveled to America, Canada, London, Belgium, Holland, France etc playing music.
He's married and has beautiful children who stay abroad with their mum, Adedola.