By NBF News

Emmanuel Ibru yesterday took a deep look into Nigerian football and returned this verdict:

'It's ridiculous, so ridiculous that we look and talk about it with shame.'

Ibru, a club proprietor and among the few who could be described as real major stakeholders in Nigerian football was reacting to court nullification of the August 26 NFF election, the appeal and the events that led to them.

'Our football is the victim of all these problems,' Ibru started, maintaining that the disputes that led to litigation could have been avoided.

Now, see what they have done with an election that was supposed to be simple. See what they did with our World Cup. They insisted on a new coach few months to the World Cup. Where are the people who insisted on changing everybody few months to the World Cup?

They gave Lars Lagerback the easiest holiday money anybody can think of. Getting somebody few months to the World Cup and paying him $1.3 m for a three week work is the easiest money one can make.

I still can't understand what informed that unpatriotic decision. From World Cup disaster to the election and now we are in court. They don't like the game. They are fighting for themselves and not the game. That's what I want Nigerians to know.' .

He was angry and loud: 'It's ridiculous, very ridiculous. How long will this continue? It is wrong to romance crisis and allow it lead you to doom. During every crisis, at some point, you move on and allow sleeping dog to lie. That's what I expected and not what is happening now. The loser is our football, not the people fighting.

They don't care. I'm against all of them. They have not shown love for our football. It's more of personal interests than our football. A few selfish individuals are holding our football to ransom.

They play more politics and less football. What all these are geared to is a possible FIFA sanction. Many of them don't care because they don't love the game. If they did they would not be courting trouble.

Look at what our girls did in Germany. The ones in Trinidad and Tobago are equally doing well. We have played one Nations Cup qualifier and won. I thought that we should have realised the need to start building our football again. I thought that some stability was in sight but see where we are now.

Confusion has set in. They said Samson Siasia had gotten the job and we thought new coaches would take over but now they say that they are throwing it open.

The right thing to do is to shortlist about three coaches and go for them starting with your number one. If you don't agree with the first one in terms of remuneration etc you go for the second on the list. Coaching job is not what