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Everyday, raise your Everyday pad up

As part of its commitment to give back to the society, educate the

female gender and to strategically consolidate itself as a leading

sanitary pad in Nigeria, PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc, makers of the

Everyday Sanitary Pads (ESP) has embarked on a nationwide tour around

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) secretariats for its 2010 Sampling

Exercise. Nineteen states of the federation will benefit from this

laudable initiative. This effort is specially designed for more

protection even during heavy flow days for the female genders.

The sampling process which had in attendance the train of Brand

Ambassadors, Brand Educators & Facilitators with top Management staff

of PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc in persons of Mrs. Titilola Igri-Offor

(Senior Marketing Manager) and Mrs. Roseline Abaraonye (Brand Manager,

Mother and Baby) moved from the NYSC Secretariat, Surulere to Surulere

LG Secretariat, Masha and later to Eti-Osa LG where female corps

members were addressed and positively engaged on issues bordering on

their health especially ones that has to do with healthy eating

habits, period days, exercises etc.
It is no more news that today, consumers are getting more and more

sophisticated, hence, there is need to break the clutter by engaging

the consumers via lifestyle experiences that can relate to and build a

bond with consumers.
Consequently, female corps members are identified as being self

conscious, fun loving, trendy, social and open to new ideas, therefore

the Everyday You” activation is designed specially to appeal to those

variables as sensory touch points to communicate and connect with the

target audience in relation to the brand. Hence, communicate the

features and benefits of Everyday Sanitary Pads as a way of educating

females on the importance of maintaining an everyday life balance and

personal hygiene.
In the words of the Senior Marketing Manager, Mrs. Titilola

Igri-Offor, Everyday Sanitary Pad is growing stronger and better on

daily basis because as the name implies, it has to be everyday for

everywoman. “The essence of this NYSC Sampling 2010 is basically to

create more awareness and get more consumers to buy the products

because we have confidence in the brand that it will deliver as usual,

so what we are doing is expanding the scope of consumer base of the

Everyday sanitary pad. Our target audiences are the female that are

yet to reach their menopause, especially the youths and students, our

core target are those in the secondary schools, those in the

Universities and the corpers like we are doing today. What we are

trying to do as our own contribution is to promote hygiene within the

corp members” she averred.
The corp members were engaged constructively and after each session,

Everyday Sanitary Pads were distributed freely as sampling for corpers

who kept yawning for more. Most of them interviewed expressed their

extreme satisfaction over the process and the organized manner to

which the brand ambassadors conducted the exercises. They went further

to eulogize the bold step by the Everyday Sanitary Pad to move around

19 states of the federation with similar effort to advance the course

of good health for female corpers. Ugo Ngozi, a female corps member

said “ the product is very good and I am a regular user, from now on,

I will tell more of my friends that Everyday Pad is well padded and

safer for use, I am impressed with the practical carried out for us

here. And as if that was not enough, Rose Agu another corps member

said “now that Everyday is back and better, I will start using it,

after all that is what my Mummy recommend for me, I think Everyday is

better than any other pad, they just need to do more of this, before

they know it, they will be there in the sky” she said smiling as she

display her pads.
The Everyday Sanitary Pads (ESP) is specially designed to give maximum

protection and comfort especially in the following areas:

(1) Dry Gel Core, which solidifies the moisture and holds it in the

inner part of the ultra pad.
(2) Hyper dry Top Sheet that quickly absorbs wetness into the core of

the pad and prevents it from returning.
(3) Intra fill sub layer helps draw wetness fast away from the surface of pad

(4) The protective wings help prevent leaks and keep the pad in place

The Brand Manager (Mother and Baby), Mrs. Roseline Abaraonye said the

sampling process will continue across 19 states of the federation. In

her words “we are poised to touch lives and educate our female corpers

across the country. We will be going to 19 states with this Everyday

You campaign. You will realize that apart from the free products

sampling we are giving them, we are equally engaging them to be more

conscious about their health, especially healthy eating habits,

exercises, Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) amongst many others. Our

target is to take Everyday Sanitary Pad (ESP) to the greatest height

where every woman within the age range of 12-40 years will use ESP as

her pad, now ladies can feel even more protected on those special days

with Everyday Sanitary Pads, everyday is like every other” she

ESP is endorsed by Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON).

Alayande Stephen T.
Media Consultant