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Nollywood, to some actors, is an industry flowing with a lot of milk and honey, perhaps due to the number of movie scripts they have handled, but for an actor Mousa Ibraheem, popularly known as Ibro, it is definitely a different tale.

The pint-sized Ibro, who despite his brilliance and creativity, seldom gets movie roles, lamented to WWW.NIGERIAFILMS.COM that he is suffering in the make-believe industry.

“I'm suffering because producers are not giving me roles the way they should. One thing I don't like about this our industry is that the filmmakers don't always give new people the chance to prove their mettle. They love using the same old faces over and over.

“At times, I can stay for two or three months at home without getting any job, despite the sacrifices that I have made. Though it's not as if I'm fighting for myself, there are other talented actors out there who don't have the opportunity to prove themselves,” he said.

Some of the flicks that have featured Ibro, who is also a master compere include: Baby Police (Part 2), Family Love, Gasper (Parts 1 & 2), Once Upon A Time In Ghana, Mark of Ally, and My House Help.