Source: nigeriafilms.com

Pastor of Household of God Church and presidential candidate of Fresh Democratic Party (FDP), Reverend Chris Okotie, has disclosed that he is ready to marry again. “Many people ask me if I'm still going to marry and my answer is yes,” Okotie told his congregation yesterday.

“I'm going to re-marry because God has told me to do so and because the Bible says so,” he added.

The pastor-politician further disclosed that his wife-to-be has been under his teachings at the Household of God Church for the past five years.

“The other day, a friend of mine asked me, 'what if you don't marry the girl you have been hanging out with lately?'

“It means it's going to take me another five years to find and educate a new girl,” he answered.

Okotie who was preaching on marriage further disclosed that it took him so long because he could not afford to get involved with a stranger.

“I will marry someone who has been under my teachings. I will rather not marry than to marry a stranger,” he said.

Last year, there were speculations that the 49-year-old single preacher was going to marry beauty queen, Miss Vien Tetsola, former Miss Nigeria, but Okotie denied the report calling it, “junk journalism.”

But this latest revelation from the funky preacher has put an end to rumours that he had opted for celibacy, unless his former wife Tina, comes back to him.

On his failed presidential ambition, Okotie explained that those condemning him for combining the work of God with politics ''are simply empiricists and nationalists who use logic to comprehend the supernatural realm of God,'' adding that their logic had failed them.

“When I was going to run for president, many people came to me and said, Pastor you have no iota of chance. Look at the political landscape of the country; the money you have to spend; look at rigging and corruption in the system.

“But the God I know operates in the realm of faith not that of reasoning and empiricism,” he explained.

Okotie told the bachelors and spinsters in his church to emulate him by taking enough time to know the man or woman they want to marry, adding that if not, it was going to be too late to back off.