* IPv6 Deployment Growth

The global IPv6 routing table has passed 3000 IPv6 prefixes

(approximately 3200 prefixes after filtering out bogons and prefixes

longer than /48s, approximately 3400 raw prefixes seen).

There are now over 3046 IPv6 glue records in the TLD zone files. The

addition of IPv6 glue records at the TLD level is a good gauge of

hosting infrastructure IPv6 growth, since it indicates operational

commitment on the part of individual nameserver operators.

Of the Alexa top 1 million most popular websites on the Internet, the

number running IPv6 for their main website has increased to 2143.

Of the 35684 networks in the world running BGP, the number running IPv6

has increased to 2487, or 7 percent.
Source: http://bgp.he.net/ipv6-progress-report.cgi
* IANA IPv4 Address Run Out
There are now an estimated 274 days left until IANA IPv4 address run out

and the depletion rate appears to have accelerated slightly.

Get our IPv6 statistics and IPv4 exhaustion widget here (it's free!):

* Hurricane Electric Updated Network Map
Updated Network Map: http://he.net/HurricaneElectricNetworkMap.pdf

Hurricane Electric now has over 6000 BGP sessions with over 1500 IPv4

and IPv6 networks at 45 different exchange points in North America,

Europe, and Asia.
* New Reports
Hurricane Electric has added three new interesting reports to the bgp.he.net

Internet analysis site.
The DNS report shows which TLDs (com, net, etc) have IPv6 nameservers,

IPv6 glue in the root, and the number of domains with A and AAAA records

for zones that we have access to, plus detail reports breaking down the

types of addresses used for those records (with examples).

DNS Report: http://bgp.he.net/report/dns
The Bogon Routes report shows global IPv4 and IPv6 route announcements

that appear to be bogons by origin and prefix, with the type of bogon.

Bogon Routes: http://bgp.he.net/report/bogons
The Multi Origin Routes report shows IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes that are

originated by more than one network.
Multi Origin Routes: http://bgp.he.net/report/multi-origin-routes

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