Tonye Princewill, Amaechi’s Agent In Atiku’s Camp

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It does not require a soothsayer or an augur to know that the Prince Tonye Princewill factor in the Peoples Democratic Party is Governor Rotimi Amaechi's eye in the camp of returnee former vice president, Atiku Abubakar.

Since his exit from the Action Congress (AC), which now goes by the name Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Mr Princewill is yet to declare his full membership of the Peoples Democratic Party by registering and picking up his card in his ward, together with all those who warm camp for him.

It is thus, most baffling that such a spy group, more or less, would speak on the crisis and factionalization in the Rivers State chapter of the PDP.

If, according to the group, “dissenting PDP members in the State” have given the impression that there are two PDP factions in the State, what else is the infinitesimal spy group denying? And if, further to its position, PDP in Rivers State will be “ready to make a statement to its Abuja-based counterparts and the entire members of PDP worldwide when the need arises”, is it not only too obvious that there are even more factions than are probably known and referred to?

The founding fathers and genuine members of the party in the State will tell all errand boys and doubting thomases that the marginalization game of unholy cabals in the State will not yield dividends this time around.

Those who know how to serve the people through the instrumentality of their political calling must be given the opportunity to fly the party's flag as against those bereft of democratic ideals but swollen with conspiracies and intrigues, while ready to do any odd jobs for undue advantages in an unfair political situation such as is now prevalent in the State.

We maintain that the PDP in the State has lost its unity and harmony, and will decay further with schools of thought such as the Tonye Princewill's transferring their antics and flirtation from the defunct AC to the PDP in the State.

Our focus remains the oneness of the party in the State and the actualization of President Goodluck Jonathan's presidential ambition. No force, conspiracy, sycophancy or black leg will hold us back, not with the clear picture that some sell-outs have infiltrated the fold and are seeking to hijack the structure for their sponsors.

The whole world is aware of the arrest and prosecution of party members for meeting to chart their political course. The world is also aware of the cult and arms charges leveled against them. To the extent that these charges are trumped-up and false, the Princewill group should have known better what to say about PDP in Rivers State, and not just open its mouth to tell the public that there is no faction in Rivers PDP. Even when the blind cannot behold oil in the soup he is eating, he can definitely tell if there is salt in it or not.

Rivers people and the larger world do not need any person or group to convince them on what is happening in the State PDP. This, they see by themselves and can give their judgments on.

Tonye Princewill and cohorts can only be used by their benefactor and beneficiary of their subversion to manipulate the Atiku camp. They cannot mislead Rivers people and PDP members in the State, Nigeria or the wide world.

It became obvious on Monday, August 23, 2010 when Alhaji Abubakar declared his intention to contest the 2011 presidential race on the platform of the PDP, that the Princewill/Amaechi alliance has keyed into the Atiku project, as Rivers State Commissioners, led by Mr Osima Ginah, were conspicuously present and rapt in attention, exuding satisfaction and excitement.

Only one inference could be drawn from the position and posture of the State leadership, being that the political gladiators cannot now convince anybody that they share the same vision and cause with President Jonathan.


Jerry Needam, JP
Publicity Secretary
PDP Rivers State