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Olu Maintain
Olu Maintain
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Olumide Adegbule of the Maintain Group has something to celebrate. The subject of celebration is his solo effort after the break-up of the original group comprising himself, Tolu and Big Bamo. Olu Maintain as he is popularly known has come out with a hit album entitled: Yahoozee!

In less than three months of its release, the song is currently generating controversy, following the alleged promotion of the internet fraud popularly known as Yahoo-yahoo in local parlance. Reacting to this recently when at a show in Lagos, Olu said "Yahoozee does not promote internet fraud or Yahoo-yahoo. There was a time the craze was all about Makossa. Now, it's yahoozee rave. Again, three things make the world spin around its axis. They are wealth, women and wine. These are what the song is all about."

The Ibadan Polytechnic graduate added: "In the song, you heard me talking about a week-long activity that has to be ended in fun. A lot of people must have had misconceptions about the song but after working from Monday to Friday, there is a need for people to rest from Friday to Sunday. That is the gist of the song."

For over seven years, Olu has rocked every fun spot with many hit songs to his credit. "First, it was Ibo lawa gbelo, mi o ma le ti moto", he said, adding "Then we also had Omotoyosi, Catch cold, Maintain in India, Alo Alo o and the rest. Now, all alone with some friends, it's Yahoozee!"

When asked on his relationship with his former partner, Olu hinted that the relationship is still waxing stronger. "I will be in Ibadan this weekend and I will sleep at his place. One thing that many people fail to realise is that Tolu is my blood brother. Nothing can tear us apart. Whatever problem we've had remained a family issue. As for Big Bamo, I don't want to say anything about it", he said. It would be recollected that Tolu had left the group for a plum job with the Petroleun Price Monitoring Committee, (PPMC), a subsidiary of NNPC. Many had speculated that this would lead eventually to the demise of the group.

But Olu said he had anticipated that Tolu might not stay long enough in music as "he never took music serious. He never saw music as a profession. It was fun to him."

Dressed in jeans and suit with a cowboy hat, Olu's other stunning costume is his belt. Its buckle is made of wad of Dollar notes. This according to the artiste is from America. "You see, showbiz is all about presentation and appearances. It it's the way people see you that they would address you. Olu is moving up. Everything about Mr. Olu Maintain has got to change. There should be differences between a showbiz person and the man there in the streets"

Olu further disclosed that the new album is dominating the music market now having sold over 600,000 copies in less than three months of its release. He promised that the music video for the album would be more superb going by the preparation he has put into it.