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Femi and Seun, sons of the late afro legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, proved that blood is thicker than water recently, as the duo performed at the Festival International de Jazz, Montreal

The presence of the musicians at the event, and the huge success they were said to have recorded, will excite millions of Fela's fans back home, who had harboured the impression that the relationship between them had at some point had been frosty.

According to a report in the UK-based IC magazine, Femi and Seun ”resurrected” the music of the legendary musician at the festival.

”Some 100,000 spectators crammed into the city centre late Tuesday to welcome his youngest son, Seun Kuti. Saturday, his brother Femi played for 2,000 at a local hall,” IC reported.

It added that Seun, who played with the Egypt '80 Band, ”unleashed some of Fela Kuti's classic tunes -- a hybrid of jazz, soul, and Nigerian 'Yoruba' music, spiced with political rants.”

Speaking on why he ventured into active afro business, Seun said, ”After my father's death, nobody in the family wanted to do anything with the band. My brother had his own thing ... I said 'let's just keep playing and see what happens'. The band was the most important thing for my dad. I did not want the band to die.”

Femi, however, told reporters that traitors who misdirected the destiny of Nigeria were still the primary targets of his music.

”I'm preoccupied by what is happening in my country, Nigeria. But on each of my albums you'll find songs that talk about problems common to all of us,” he said.