Actor, Yomi Fabiyi Pens Open Letter To Mobhad's Wife, Wunmi Amidst DNA Saga

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has contributed his quota on th ongoing battle between the late Mohbad's wife, Wunmi and Mohbad's family over DNA test.

Recall that since after the death of Mohbad, there have been many clamour for a DNA test to be carried out on the late singer's child, Liam. The clamour for DNA test began with the late singer's father, Mr Joseph Aloba, then many Netizens and some celebrities have joined in the clamour for a DNA test.

However, the late singer's wife, Wunmi has openly made it known that no one has the right to compel her for a DNA test and further told Mohbad's father to get a court order before she can go for any DNA test.

In the midst of this controversy, Yomi Fabiyi has decided to emphatically explain some things to Wunmi as regards the DNA test. The actor made it known that her refusal to take the DNA test means that she would not have access to her late husband's estate or any of his property, unless she agrees to take the test before she would be made the custodian of the property before her son, Liam becomes old enough to take over his late father's property.

The actor wrote;
“Dear Wunmi,
I share in your family’s pain in the loss of Mohbad. May God forgive his sins. I am writing you based on the prolonged arguments on the issue of DNA concerning Mohbad’s son and ongoing investigation into the actual cause of his death.

The following reasons are why you can be compelled for a DNA TEST by Mohbad’s family:

i) From the look of things, Mohbad’s death is tilting towards “HOMICIDE” owing to events that happened in the last 48 hours before the singer died. The coroner inquest is an investigation and needs closure before charges.

ii) In a saner cline, those around the deceased, those who tampered with the active crime scenes, are SUSPECTS and should have been taken in for questioning, which include you.

iii) If there is evidence/accusation of infidelity around the time of conception against you or re-occuring domestic violence (and no clear reasons for conflicts), chances are the cause is due to paternity Only a DNA test can vindicate you, dear. It’s your advantage.

iv) if Liam will inherit the late singer’s estate and the likely cause of his murder is within the house, the family as a legally interested party can ask you honourably or through the court to conduct a DNA before you can be allowed custodian of their son’s properties on behalf of LIAM, etc. Moreso, the DNA will help investigators narrow their drag nets. NO ONE SHOULD OBSTRUCT POLICE or CORONER’S INVESTIGATION.

v) Mohbad, in an unverified audio released, equally accused you of wanting to kill him. No one knows if it is the normal couples’ fight or if it was due to any other sensitive issue.

vi) Anything that will bring clarity, absolve you of any wrongdoing, erase suspicion around you, get justice for Mohbad should interest you,including a DNA TEST.

vii) Your continued back and forth is an attempt to infuriate members of the public and pitch irrates youths against the Police and government. No sooner, people will conclude that someone powerful is shielding you. And that person can’t be more powerful than a determined masses.

-Yomi Fabiyi.”