Celebrity Tormentor, Daniel Regha Address Wizkid

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

The social media has been on fire over a recent happening between Afrobeats star, Ayo Balogun, professionally known as Wizkid and a user on X.

It all started as Wizkid tweeted on X; “Money don’t buy love 🤍🦅," an X user with the handle Beela1Cudjoe1 responded to Wizkid's tweet by saying; “Boss I disagree.” Wizkid quickly replied the X user's comment by saying; “That one na ur papa business🤍🦅.”

Wizkid's initial comment of “Money don't buy love,” was outrightly rejected by celebrity tormentor, Daniel Regha. The critic responded to Wizkid's tweet by saying;

“Money doesn't buy love but it doesn't guarantee happiness or buys class either; At the end of the day money only brings temporary relief/joy, & it's all vanity. Having a good reputation is by far better than acquiring wealth, good name transcends lifetimes.”

Regha further pointed out Wizkid's comment at the X user which read; ”That one na ur papa business🤍🦅.”

Regha wrote; “Wizkid involving someone's dad in his clap-back or response is disrespectful; Fans are cheering now but Burna had said the same "That one na ur papa business", he will be labelled rude. The hypocrisy is sickening.”