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Living By The Word

By Melanie Miller

What does living by the word mean? Well..for instance, drunkardness, lust, adultery, murderers, is living by the flesh and not by the spirit. Any carnal pleasures such as gambling and or coveting, is living in darkness.

One needs to reasses their values and think things over before engaging in such activities as I have mentioned above. I do not claim to be religious but the Ten Commandments are something to think about and realize, a man or a God made up these rules and they are good to live by, such as Thou Shalt not Steal, or Thou Shalt not Murder. No one has the right to steal or murder. I never steal from friends or family members alike. One should also not murder another as the book of Exodus clearly states this, and the above I have mentioned such as drunkardness, lust, adultery and murderers shalt not enherit the Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of True Paradise. What are your thoughts and feelings on this one. I know, I am not perfect and maybe I will go to heaven or purgatory, but which ever it may be I end up in, I can honestly say...I do not commit adultery or drink, but I have lusted in my heart before, so I need to repent to be saved.

First off, there are a lot of people that lust, and lust for things such as money, sex or coveting, wanting what someone else has, or simply wanting a new car, clothes, these can all be forms of lust. If it is however, something you need then by all means buy it, but if you do not need something such as clothes and a new fancy car, then do not buy one. If you are in need of food, this is important to aquire food and buy this yes, but things you really do not need, and only want, is a form of lust.

Ask a preacher or priest and you will find out, what I am all saying here is truth...but I can not force or make a person or person take heed to all my words here. You must decide what is right in your heart for yourself. Did you know that gluttony is a sin? To become overweight is hard on the body, the kidneys and lungs and heart, etc. and one needs to have a proper diet or go on a diet. No one needs excess baggage and become so over weight, that they can not get out the front door so to speak. I know I used to have a weight problem and now..I diet and am a lot slendor and you too can lose the weight you may need too, and if a friend of yours needs to lose weight, tell her flat out, to lose some weight, as it is unhealthy to be over weight. Yes gluttony is a grave sin indeed as well as gambling, but if one wishes or wants to gamble is their choice and theirs alone. I can not force anyone to abide by my words...just do what you know is right for you.

Some women wear cosmetics such as I do, some perfume, and some lipgloss and powder and is this sin, not according to some religious folks, I have spoken to, and some religious do not believe in makeup or jewelry such as rings or necklaces, and some feel it is not wrong. Some religions feel it is wrong to wear a cross while others say it prooves one loves the Lord, so whatever makes you feel comfortable, you do it, as long as you do not harm another.

Now witchcraft is another topic to talk about. Do you feel it is sinful to cast magic? I say it is not wrong if done for the good, such as healing spells, such as Shamons do, for others, and they do accept money or donations...such as churches accept donations. Some religions prefer you put money into the offering plate whilst others do not feel it is appropriate, and other religions just want to have you theire at their meetings to learn the word.

Now about heaven and hell. Do you believe their is such a place called heaven or hell? I have found out, that hell is only the grave and that no one deserves to burn forever, and heaven is a place of contentment and beauty. So where do you think you may go, to heaven or to the grave, where it states in the holy bible, that the dead, are unconscious and unaware. This ought to tell you something right there, that there is no such a place as damnation and torment. I am sure that if there are demons, as most likely there is in this world, that they go to hell, and suffer in tormoil and torment but people make mistakes and this is why a man named Jesus died on a cross, stake or tree and he died to pay the cost for all our wrong doings and sins.

Ask yourself what you feel is sin or not. If you borrow something and do not bring it back, do you feel this is wrong or stealing from another? I am here to say, is very wrong and sinful, to lie about something like this and keep your friends or neighbors belongings. You should not lie either, or deceive anyone, such as the bible tells us. If you feel you need to lie about something, ask yourself why you lie to others, do you want to deceive others, and what for, what is the reason you wish to do this?

Well...all in all, I hope you live by the truth and the word and that you do what you feel is right in your heart. You can offer gifts to others, make crafts and give to nursing homes or hospitals, and read books to the elderly, whatever you wish to do, and be kind and caring towards all walks of life, even if they are not so kind to you. Love people, and do not harm another soul, as the human body is to not be harmed so the bible clearly states.

Well..I hope you enjoyed reading my article, it is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read what all I wanted and felt I needed to say. Have a blessed day!

the end