By NBF News

A 87-year-old man has allegedly committed suicide in Lagos on Monday.

The man simply identified as Baba Taju, was said to have bought a rope in the evening and walked into his apartment at Kukoyi street, Bariga.

Daily Sun gathered that Baba Taju locked the door before tying the rope to a ceiling fan. A resident in the area who identified himself as Prince Adesina disclosed that the man stood on a chair while tying the noose around his neck.

The reason he took his life still remained unknown to his family and residents in the area. According to Adesina, the deceased greeted people at about 5.30 pm as he walked in holding the rope he bought, Nobody envisaged that he would terminate his life when he got to his apartment.

Adesina said the deceased was the landlord of the house where he lived with one of his wives and two children. He was said to have married three wives, but one died several years ago. He was blessed with 10 children from his wives. The deceased, a Muslim, was buried in the morning of the next day.

Another resident in the area who identified himself as Kunle told Daily Sun that the deceased did not show any sign that he wanted to kill himself because he played with people that fateful day. Kunle said people were shocked and one of his wives who sells pepper in front of the house was also devastated. He described the deceased as a very nice and devoted Muslim.

'We all are surprised and shocked because the man until we heard of his death was healthy and did not show any sign of a frustrated a man who wanted to kill himself. He did not show such sign to even his wife and two children who lived with him in the house. His wife was also devastated and shocked over his death. It's painful. At the age of about 87, I wonder why he felt that there was no reason to live. And he has grown up children,' Kunle lamented.

When this reporter visited the residence, he was sent back by two young men who told him that 'there was nothing to talk about. The family are not interested in any publicity. Please go.'

Police officers attached to Bariga police station claimed that they were not informed that anyone committed suicide, even when the scene was just about 500 metres away from the station.