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The society magazines were recently awash with how star actress, Eucharia Anunobi, was abandoned by her husband, who travelled abroad without telling her.

The gifted actress is encouraging herself in the Lord, and deriving strength from the Almighty.

“Yes, I believe in God, and He's been wonderful to me,” Eucharia said. “I am a blessed and lucky girl. I've been born again for about 10 years, and God is so good to me.”
Eucharia still laughs heartily. She still enjoys a good joke. But talk about her husband who showed a clean pair of heels, and a dark pall momentarily comes onto her beautiful, effervescent face.

“Yes, he ran away. He left me and my son,” she said gravely.

Did you quarrel?
“Husband and wife dey quarrel now,” she answered flatly.
And then another question: Have you been able to get over it?
“Well, I'm lonely. This is somebody I shared seven years of my life with. Apart from the times I went for movie shoots, we were never apart. So, it's not been easy. When I wake up now, I'm on my own. I suddenly find I have no one to cook for, nobody to help carry my son when he's sick. It's terrible.
But I've come to the conclusion that maybe we are not meant to be.”

Will being born again affect the kind of roles she would be acting now?
“I have been born again for more than 10 years so I will not say being born again will stop me from acting or stop me from taking a particular role. The job of an artiste is to play different characters.
I'm a child of God. I will not do tardy roles. But as long as it is something that would educate and entertain people and also promote a message, I'll do it. When I play the role of a prostitute in a movie, we are showing and showcasing to the world that those who do this kind of job, the consequence at the end of the day is always negative.”

One selling point of this glamorous actress is her diction.

How did she develop it?
“I must say, it's not going to school that makes you speak well, though I read English. For my diction, I think practice makes perfection. While growing up, even till now, I read the dictionary a lot. I learn to do pronunciations and I watch T.V. I listen to people who speak well and I do what you call self-training because if you want to be good and you want to be like someone, then you have to learn to be like them. Most of the time, those people that speak well on TV, when they talk, I imitate them, I learn and I want to talk like them. So, I have done what you call self teaching all along overtime and that is what I am still doing because life is about improving yourself and that is what I have been doing.”

The remarkable hairstyle?
“It's part of me and also I learn on the job that as a woman, you should take care of yourself all the time and always turn out looking good. Some say I'm crazy about my hair. I sweat a lot, and I can't stand smell, so I do my hair every week. It costs money, but I have to do it because of our weather.”