Joeboy Reveals Admiration For Olamide And Don Jazzy

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian singer, Joseph Akinwale, best known as Joeboy has shown his admiration for two golden singers in the music industry.

The singer was recently on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast anchored by Akan where he shared his love for the two singers and how they inspire him due to their successful music career.

Joeboy further revealed that both Olamide and Don Jazzy have paved the way for younger generation of artistes. He also revealed that they were his source of inspiration for starting his own record label in order to help other up-and coming-singer.

He said; “I am so super excited about what is to come because one thing I always used to say to my friends then is that I want to be a combination of Don Jazzy and Olamide. Because it’s one thing to come into the game and create your own wave, and then help others and facilitate a lot more waves.

It’s not even about the money, it’s about the fact that I can say I helped people.”