Timaya Emphasizes That Davido's Hardwork Should Not Be Downplayed Despite Wealthy Family

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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Popular dancehall singer, Timaya has shared his mind on how Davido’s hardwork has been downplayed due to his wealthy family.

The singer stands with Davido and described him as a talented, hardworking and reliable person. He further said that not many person's in Davido's shoes will continue to be hardworking, yet the singer is never relenting as he works tirelessly for his money.

Timaya further established his point by saying; “I’m a fan of Davido, I find it disrespectful when people try to water down his hard work in the name of the father has money. Yes the father has money but Davido has worked hard to get his own.

He is extremely talented and consistent . He is one of the most hard working young men that I’ve seen. Quit trying to discredit him this young man has done way too much.”