Ama Reginald Frustrated By Nigeria's Economy

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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Nigerian influencer and businesswoman, Ama Reginald, has joined the queue of celebrities who have come out to lament about the economic turmoil plaguing Nigeria.

The influencer made this known on her Snapchat account, where she lamented at how she is trying to adapt to the hike in exchange rate price, now she is faced with Nigeria customs.

She lamented how her goods have been in the custody of the custom officers for days since they have been in the country. She described it as an act of trying to increase the clearance fee on the part of the custom officers in order to extort money from her.

She noted how the price in clearance fee has been increasing drastically since the beginning of this year, despite the fact that it is just the second month in the year.

She described it as tiring and draining as it is no longer easy to have a business in the country, but she is not giving up.

She said; “Running a business in this country is draining. I mean with the current situation of dollar, custom is still looking for a way to further frustrate us. Tell me why my shipment has been in Nigeria since Thursday and customs has refused to release the Shipment because they’re looking for a way to further increase the clearing fee. Mind you customs has increased clearing fee 3 times this year already. Ama is honestly tired and frustrated but it is well. I won’t ever stop getting up! You shouldn’t too.”