Bad Kimmy K Shades Burna Boy For Throwing Shades At Davido

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Nigerian media on air personality, Bad Kimmy K has reacted to the latest shade thrown by Burna Boy to Davido.

The media personality seems not to be satisfied at Burna Boy's latest shade. She described Burna Boy as a child, rather than the title of Odogwu which he claims. She further described Burna Boy as unable to attack Davido directly, but rather he is going through corners.

Bad Kimmy K further emphasized that Burna Boy was acting up due to the way Davido labelled him as a “new cat” in the music industry.

She said; “My thing with Burna Boy is that he calls himself an Odogwu, but essentially, at his core, he’s a man-child. We all know that that new cat from Davido really hurt him. As a man, why can’t you address it? What’s with all the subs? That’s what I don’t understand with Burna Boy. He likes to throw subs and then hides his hands, I don’t get. Davido outrightly called him a new cat, which was shade, and all is fair in love and war, so if Burna Boy has a problem with Davido, please address him; all these subs up and down just make you look childish, and it’s not a good look at all.”