Singer, Teni Exposes Men Tricks Ahead Of AFCON Final

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata, better known as Teni has revealed an important information to the ladies on her social media handle.

The singer noted how many men would ask ladies to come over to their place to see the well anticipated AFCON Final. She advised ladies to be careful as men's intentions are not geniue as this is the week of valentine.

She said; “Girls, let me tell you a secret, Valentine scam wants to start from the day Nigeria wants to play AFCON. Come and watch AFCON at mines. They will take you to the room. They want to ‘do it’ before Valentine. They don’t want to buy gifts. They want to use Nigeria AFCON.

“If you are going to a man’s house to watch AFCON, put a padlock in your pant, so they don’t have s3x with you.”