Veekee James Wows Fans By Giving Mum Bouquet

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian fashion designer, Veekee James has got tongues wagging since her wedding to her lover Femi Atere, on the 10th of February, 2024.

The fashion designer however, got many emotional as she gave her bouquet of flowers to her mother when it was time for her to throw her bouquet of flowers into the crowd.

She began by recounting the story of losing her Dad at a tender age of five and how her mother was saddled with the responsibility of fending for her, yet she did not remarry. She said; “I lost my dad before I was five, and my mum stayed with us. I’m almost 29-years-old, and she stayed. I’ve never seen my mum with a man in her entire life. If my mum is not in the house, that means she’s in church. My prayer for her from now and even before now is that she finds someone. Whether she likes it or not, she will collect this bouquet.”

Veekee James' show of love to her mother has generated comments from netizens as they praised her for being a good wife and daughter.