Ashmusy Frets After Sending N1m Instead Of N100K During A Giveaway Session

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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Nigerian skitmaker, Amarachi Amusi, best known as Ashmusy frets as she makes a mistake during a giveaway session.

The popular Nigerian skitmaker lamented on her Instagram handle for mistakenly sending N1m instead of N100k to a fan during her giveaway session online.

She said; ““Jesus ooooooo I mistakenly sent 1m to the last winner, I was driving and typing and rushing I don send am dm, hope he or she replies ewoo. “

Not long after the post, she made another post where she said; “The person never reply my dm o”.

Ashmusy’s post has generated different kinds on comments on social media, as some accused her of trying to chase clout and Garner unnecessary attention, some accused her of fretting because of N1m when she recently claimed she spends over that amount daily.