Tobi Bakre Shares Funny Video, Hailing Daughter, Kamila 

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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BigBrother Naija star and actor, Tobi Bakre has shared a video online which has been trending.

The BBNaija star could be seen in a video joking with his daughter, Kamila. He joked about her becoming a reverend sister when she becomes of age.

The actor further joked that his daughter was so beautiful to the extent that he would not allow any man come close me to her. He said; “She so fine. Any other spec is a specless. This is a spec in the midst of spectators. A spectacle to be defined in different specs of different spectrum. “

He further emphasized his joke in another video by saying; “She is so fine. Honestly, you will become a nun. She is a nun… Which boy? Which man? Make dem rest.”

Many Netizens have jokingly reacted to the funny video as they praised the actor for the care he showers on his children, some even went as comparing his daughter, Kamila to the actor's mother.