Timaya Reveals Reason For Losing Weight

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian singer, Inetimi Alfred Odon, best known by his stage name, Timaya has disclosed the reason for the serious decline in his health in 2020.

The singer was a recent guest on Beat 99.9FM’s ‘Morning Rush’ where he opened up on the cause of his health decline, he owned up to the cause of his health deteriorating as addiction.

Timaya admitted that he was also a human being first before being a celebrity and he is prone to mistakes. He revealed that he took up a dangerous addiction in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.

He described the addiction as a frequent use of ‘Molly’ which is also known as the happy pill. The singer revealed that he was introduced to the pill by his friends and he got attracted and addicted to the extent that he was taking three to four pills daily.

Furthermore, the singer revealed that he got a wind of his condition when he saw a picture of himself online trending in which he looked pale. This triggered the mindset of stopping the addiction, but it was not an easy task as he was already so addicted to the use of happy pills, also known as ‘Molly’, but he knew he had to stop in order to improve his health.

Many Netizens have praised the singer for sharing his struggles online, and have described addiction difficult to leave. They advised the public to give it all it takes to stop wrong addiction.