Whispers in the Night

By Melanie Miller

I hear a voice, it beckons me to come outside and play.

Is it you, or just the wind calling my name?
Whom can it be, if it is not you?
I wonder what noise is outside rapping and tapping on my window.

I want to find out but too afraid to go to my window to look outside,

and see who it is.
Maybe, it is only my imagination playing tricks on me...and maybe it is the wind only.

I wish and hope it was only the wind, but the sound is still beckoning me yet again,

to come outside, as I hear a gentle russle on the window again.

Is it someone I know, or is it someone that knows me and I do not know him?

What if it is only my mind playing tricks on me, as the mind does this sometimes to people.

I want to find out but what if it is a disappointment, or what if it is a fairy toying with me.

What if I look outside the window and see angels and hear them sing just for me alone.

I only want to glance, but should I take that chance?

I don't know what to do, but for now..I may just get under those covers and take cover,

from the wind or whatever sound it maybe, and relax inside my mind and find a playmate,

maybe wanting me to come out and play.
Perhaps...I will sit quitely and not make a single solitary sound and realize nothing will harm me...

but I am afraid in this silent room, and no one to talk to.

Maybe...I will talk to my shadow or the shadows in my bedroom and watch them all dance vigorously for me now.

I will smile in my bed as I think of candy instead and dance with the echos of the night.

I will take a magical flight inside my room, and zoom with the shadows in my room.

the end