Source: nigeriafilms.com

Ace movie producer, Teco Benson, has said producers and other practitioners in the Nigerian movie industry, otherwise known as Nollywood, have rich stories, among other things, which can make the industry go beyond its rating in the international movie scene.

His opinion, therefore, counters that of award winning film maker, Kunle Afolayan, who recently described the quality of films released into the Nigerian market as poor.

Afolayan, son of legendary actor, Ade Afolayan a.k.a. Ade Love, recently opined in an interview that Nollywood films lack quality, adding that the industry is rated as the third best in terms of the quantity of films released into the market and not for good quality.

However, prolific movie producer, Teco Benson, believes that with time, effort and the regulations being put in place by movie practitioners, Nollywood will become a movie destination of the whole world.

Although he also shares the opinion that Nollywood has not reached its peak in terms of operational structures, Benson lambasted practitioners that regard Hollywood as the greatest height they can attain in their career.

“Some of my colleagues say their greatest ambition is to, one day, get to Hollywood as an actor, producer or director but I must tell you the truth, it is never my ambition. My ambition is to make Nigeria a movie destination of the whole world, even Hollywood.

“I believe that with all we are putting in place, people in Hollywood will start coming to Nigeria to make their movies, as it is certain that they will be coming to hire actors, producers and directors because we have rich stories, culture and a lot of things to tell the world,” he noted.

Citing an example from his film, Blood Diamond, which was released in 2002 and later shot with the same plot and title by some American film makers last year, he enjoined Nigerian film makers to take advantage of the African culture in educating the world.

He added that the fact that his film, Blood Diamond, being re-shot by American film makers, was a clear attestation to his aspirations for Nollywood.

“So, basically, I try to promote Nigeria in my movies. Even when we are not yet there, I try to create the impression that we are there, because I operate as a black man,” he said.