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Sexcapades Of A Nollywood Actress

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The promiscuous inclination of a popular actress in the Yoruba movie genre has become a cause for concern for her colleagues.

This fair-skinned lady, who is from a state in the South-South, has built a less than enviable reputation for herself on account of her philandeering activities. It was even for this reason that her marriage to an equally popular actor crashed two years ago. The actor had accused her of having an affair with a top Yoruba movie marketer, who once had a fertile career in the corporate sector and was well known to have made another tall Yoruba actress, now married, warm his bed many times when he was bringing her up the acting ladder.

Within the Yoruba genre, it is a well known fact that the actress literally rode her former husband's back to stardom. Before they met, she was nobody in the business. Prior to the couple's separation, the husband had engaged one of his colleagues in fisticuffs over his (the colleague's) alleged affair with his wife. Apart from having slept with over a dozen popular Yoruba actors, some of them friends of her former hubby, the actress was also alleged to have had an affair with a controversial socialite and top transport agent. A handsome politician, who represents Nigeria in a neighbouring country, is also mentioned as one of the actress' numerous lovers.