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Tuface is sure a music wonder whose fame has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria. One wonders how this guy copes with his fans, especially the babes.

If you were at Swe Bar, City Mall in Lagos last Saturday night, you wouldn't need to wonder again how he copes- ladies nearly ate him raw.

Swe Bar held its one-year anniversary and it was a night of fun and more fun.

The Lagos big boys were all there, ranging from Obaro Ibru, Jim Iyke, Toyin Surbair to Pero Adeniyi and Ali Baba, amongst many others. They needed to unwind and they sure did that at the club with music, wine and more music.

Tunde Adewale, popularly known as Tee A, did what he knows how to do best- making people laugh. He dished out one yab after the other that guests had difficulty controlling their laughter.

And then, it was time for music. The in-house DJ known as DJ Vinny went to another level to ensure that the night was unforgettable. He made the guests to be on the dance floor for many hours.

“He is simply the best', said Jibola Olubiyi, the manager of Swe Bar.

Speaking more about the event, Jibola, former Metropolitan Bank big gal, said Swe Bar decided to host its customers just to say thank you for being there since the club opened in 2006.

“This is just our own way of showing our appreciation to our numerous customers that have been with us since we started. Without them, I don't think we would have been where we are.”

Giving more reasons for the bash, Jibola said, “Most bars may have a short life span, but we want to be around for a very long time. That's why we are very serious with our customer satisfaction and the patronage of our loyal clientele.”

These loyal clientele got bag loads of treat: an excess dosage of popular tunes dished out live by two thorough bands: Godbless and Ebony. That was not all. They got great music and incredible sexual current from Tuface Idibia – who had the ladies pulling him from all sides, attempting to rip his clothes off, and dispossessing him of his accessories. Despite the sexual tension, Idibia thrilled the distinguished audience. And he generated total applause when he performed Faze's Kolomental, to the surprise of many.

As part of the fun, earlier in the night of the bash, Jibola grabbed the microphone and gave an above average rendition of Beyonce's Irreplaceable. “Every lady believes she can sing. At Swe, we have a Karoke night for these ladies who feel they have great vocal chords,” Jibola explained.