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Multi-talented singer and instrumentalist, Nosa a.k.a. Djinee, spoke about his career, controversial exit from Tajudeen Adepetu's Sound City,etc.

Q: What inspired your hit single, Ego?
A: The song is a figment of my imagination. I am a song writer and I don't write about things that happen to me alone, I also write stories about what people feel and I try to make it as genuine as possible. Everyone goes through something in his life and I think it will be selfish for me to write just about myself alone and not about the next guy sitting beside me or the guy I see on the street, who also has a story to tell as well. I just try and capture the mood of people. In the case of Ego, I just decided to write a pure love song that will push me and capture the mind of the listener. That's what music is all about.

Q: When you released My Love, another love song recently, people believed it is a follow-up to your Ego track. What is the song all about?
A: Actually, there are two singles in the market. One is I no dey shame and the other, Love ourselves. I think I no dey shame is the one getting much publicity, maybe because it is the first song on the single album or because it is the one most of the people have on their promo single. But I can say that it is still Djinee trying to connect and because everyone has a past, I have always been a victim. Because I did not have a fantastic past, anyway, but then, you can't judge me with it. And also, a lot of people don't have pass mark when it comes to matters of the heart.

Q: What is it that you don't like about your past?
A: My past, well, I have not been a fantastic person to be with. Although a lot of people know me as Djinee, most people don't know that I have a terrible past that I try not to go back to. Now, I think I have learnt from the past and I am a better person now.

Q: Maybe you were a cult member in school?
A: Well, if you look at it that way, I would not say yes. It depends on what you call cultism and as I said before, I have had my past. Not everybody that kills is a cultist. Not everyone that steals and kills in the process is an armed robber and not everybody that steals is a thief as well. I am not saying that I did all these, but I have a past.

Q: A lot of people perceive you as a ladies' man, is it part of your new or past life?
A: Yes, I would not deny it. I like women and I am sure everybody likes women. But then, I respect women folk because they are very special creatures. They are more emotional and I can always understand their being. Maybe that is what informed the ladies' man people are talking about. I think I like love songs because it reaches faster and it is more commercial.

Q: Don't you think you might be distracted by hanging out with too many ladies?
A: Not at all. Let me correct something, I don't hang out with every lady. I have most of them as friends and I am a kind of person that people can easily get along with. But I am a much focused person because I have suffered a lot to want to lose focus at this point in my life. No lady can make me lose focus.

Q: What's your relationship with Tajudeen Adepetu's Sound City now?
A: Good question, because you are the first person that has asked about the controversy. I want to seize this opportunity to say that Mr. Tajudeen Adepetu is one man that I respect so much. A lot of people said so many things when I left Sound City, but to tell you the truth, when I went to him (Adepetu), it was not like I dropped a letter. Our relationship is beyond an employer and employee stuff because when I was nobody, I approached him for help and he assisted me. I left Sound City because I needed to face my music squarely. I went to meet Mr. Tajudeen Adepetu and was close to tears when I told him I was leaving because this is a man I have given four years of my life with utmost loyalty. Even when I got offers after I won the Nigerian Music Awards (London edition), I could not leave. The man is like an elder brother to me. I like his vision and he has done so much for me.

Q: But we learnt you were sacked with others…(cuts in)
A: We were not sacked. I'd say this and it is official, if you permit me to use that word. This is coming from one of the people that was involved and from the horse's mouth. We were not sacked from Sound City. We had issues sometime ago, precisely January and at the end of the one month suspension, everyone came back, even Denrele, but I decided not to. All of us observed the one month absence because I don't want to call it suspension. Some people decided to come back, while some others decided to go, but among those who decided to go, I was the only one that went to Teejay. There were no hard feelings at all and I told him I am ready to assist whenever Sound City needs my help.

Q: When you guys were suspended in January, there were widespread rumours about it. Can you tell us what really led to the suspension?
A: Employers and their employees have issues but ours was not anything fantastic. Although I would not like to go into details now, I can tell you it was simply an employer/employee affair.

Q: But we learnt it was as a result of misconduct…(cuts in).
A: Forget all that. There was no issue of misconduct. Did the audience see any act of misconduct? No, the programme was still going on air and sponsors were still coming. Even though sometimes we, the employees, go hungry and then ask for more incentives, while the employers might not want to give as much. But then, it's not that I don't still go there. If I get to Sound City today, I don't sit at the reception and I am still treated like one of the crew members. I can assure you that they would be part of my album launch. I am still in good terms with the staff and management of the outfit.

Q: We understand that you had your own style of presentation at Sound City. What do you think your fans will miss about you?
A: That's a funny question. But then, there's only one Djinee and nobody can ever look like Djinee. They will miss me and everything that has to do with me. With my style, I know I am a very special person but I can't say that I am very good at smiling or anything. They will miss Djinee, yet there are capable hands at Sound City. Teejay has an eye for good people, it's just that I had to move on.

Q: Now, let's talk about your upcoming album. What should people expect?
A: So far, it's been so good. It is completed now and I worked with a lot of artistes. The combination is superb because Don Jazzy, Cobhams Asuquo, Rhymzo and Ego Ogbaro (nee Iheanacho) were included. Others are Clement Ola Daniels, African Chyna and there will also be two remixes of the Ego track. One is with Rhymzo.

Q: Why is the album so star-studded?
A: I won't say it is star-studded but let me call it star-filled because I have just few stars coming to work with me. I respect so many people in the industry but I have only approached a few of them to work with me on the album.

Q: Being a multi-talented young man, do you have any dreams of doing something like Sound City does in the nearest future?
A: Let's keep our fingers crossed. I have started a long time ago and I can remember Mr. Eddie Lawani had once told me that I will go far in the business. I have always been a media man and that's why I can never offend the press.

Q: When you got the Star Quest deal from the Nigerian Breweries Plc, a lot of people believed it is a million naira deal?
A: I can assure you that what I asked for is not what I was given. But it was good enough. There's always a bargain in everything and I was not given what we agreed on but the most important thing was the chance I had to encourage young and intending stars to achieve their dreams in life.

Q: Having affected the lives of upcoming ones among other things, would you say you've finally penetrated into the Nigerian music industry?
A: I think I still have a lot more to offer.

Q: Let us get personal now. What part of a lady freaks you most?
A: Do you mean physically or what?

A: The eyes. I love beautiful eyes because through it you can see a lot. Nevertheless, I love a 'full woman,' of course, as an African man, I always love to hold on to something in a woman's body. I also love intelligent ladies because I am intelligent. I also love 'crazy' ladies because I am not 'normal' too.

—Bayo Adetu & OlatunjiSaliu