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The HIV/AIDS reality is sure to stay with us. But for doubting Thomases, who still do not believe that this dreaded disease is real, there is another opportunity for them to change their minds, after watching a preview of King Ubika: A Harvest of Whirlwinds, drama serial written by Tade Ogidan.

The stakeholders' preview is an intiative of Youthaids, a non-governmental organisation involved in HIV/AIDS advocacy.
According to Dr. Richie Adewusi of Youthaids, drama publication and television serial are part of his organisation's efforts to “boost the edutainment resource base for home-grown awareness against the HIV/AIDS scourge''.

Tade Ogidan, originally produced King Ubika for television with funding from FHI/USAID project. What Youthaids has now done is to subject the television serial to a narrow cast concept aimed at providing education through entertainment.

The narrow cast concept is a participatory/interactive initiative for social change, which combines the known advantages of television, as a major source of information dissemination, with the interpersonal communication advantages inherent in peer education.