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Two weeks ago, Nollywood Reel published the names of some popular movie practitioners who do not have automobiles. As promised, we present to you readers, the concluding part of the story. Enjoy it:

*Ayo Badmus: This is one of the most handsome and talented actors in the Yoruba movie industry. Ayo, who started his acting career some years back, has actually improved tremendously on the job, thereby making himself one of the most sought-after by producers and directors.
It was basically his versatility and ability to interpret roles convincingly that prompted the Mainframe Productions CEO, Tunde Kelani, to give him a major role in the multi-award winning flick, Aberin, which later turned out to be Ayo Badmus' most challenging movie.
However, despite his hard work and desire for good things of life, he's yet to boast of any automobile.

*Funsho Adeolu: Having started his acting career with English soap operas, Funsho has also registered his versatility with sheer brilliance in the Yoruba movie industry. Regarded as one of the current sex symbols in the industry, he recently got married to his heartthrob. Mr. Adeolu is yet to get himself an automobile.

*Doyin Aggrey: This talented lady has featured in some flicks and has also produced one entitled Alatoto, to her credit. Though Doyin Aggrey is a less-fancied actress compared to her peers, she has been in the industry for a long time. She is yet to have a car of her own.

*Femi Ogedegbe: Femi has not been that popular as an actor, but his courage and never-say-die spirit has kept him going. As the protocol officer of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), his efforts to ensure discipline among members of the guild is quite laudable, though many people perceive him as one of Nollywood's bad boys. This is perhaps due to his physique and aggressive nature. He doesn't own a car.

*Bimbo Manuel: This is another fantastic actor who has spent quite a number of years in the make-believe industry. He's a consultant to the African Cultural Centre, USA, in Nigeria and also the boss of Princely Crafts. He doesn't have a car.

*Toun Oni: She is one of the few core professionals that pioneered cinema and film production in the country. Her versatility and consistency have actually made her a role model for many young and aspiring actresses. Apart from being a popular actress, she is also a lecturer at the Lagos State University. She doesn't have a car.

*Pa James (Ajirebi): He is one of the most consistent and naturally talented comedians in the make-believe industry. This bald-headed actor is popularly known as Ajirebi among the Yoruba folks, while his role in Wale Adenuga Productions' comedy serial, Papa Ajasco has earned him the name Pa James. He is yet acquire an automobile.

*Ngozi Nwosu: This is another creative actress who has paid her dues in the movie industry, and has thus become one of the most sought-after actresses by producers, especially in soap operas. She is also a role model to many budding actresses. Though she is a woman who has a taste for flashy things, she doesn't own a car.

*Toyin Aimaku: Toyin is new in the industry anyway, but a lot of her fans obviously get disappointed most times when they see their favourite actress arriving on commercial bikes or cabs at events. A look-alike of star actress, Opeyemi Ayeola, Toyin is perceived to be one of the industry's future mega stars.