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Munachi Abii, the current Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, is certainly beautiful, even to the blind.

Her life is like that of Cinderella in the fairy tale. Unlike Cinderella, Muna did not have a wicked stepmother; but she has had it rough in life. Remarkably, she surmounted the odds to become a beauty queen!

Now a sensational damsel, all cleaned, with assets that could make any man with the right dose of blood running in his veins to drool, Muna, in a cool voice, told Spectacles a bit about her childhood life.

She said, “My life has had its ups and downs especially having been raised by a disabled single parent. My mother has polio. It was fun most of the time because there was so much love around my mum and me, but there were times when we couldn't eat as well.”

That was not all that this pretty girl experienced.

“There were times we couldn't pay rent, but God still provided for us. Somehow we never really had to starve.”

After her secondary school, Muna left for the U.K to stay with her dad. She was supposed to further her education abroad but things, according to her, did not work out. So, she had to get a job.

“I started working and I was able to save enough money for myself, I had to come back and stay with my mother.”

Muna said she didn't use the money she saved up to buy Italian shoes. Neither did she use the little money she raised to buy the latest designer dresses as many girls would have done. Muna knew the importance of education, she knew her mother had little or nothing; so she decided to help herself.

“When I returned from the UK, I took what I had saved and I got myself into school. I got admission to study International Relations and Diplomacy at the Benson Idahosa University, Benin. I am now in my third year.”

All along, Muna knew she was a pretty girl. Her dream has always been to be a beauty queen. When she was a kid (as she told Spectacles), she used to stand in front of the mirror for hours and admire herself and dreaming of the day she would eventually become a beauty queen.

It wasn't until early this year that she eventually got the opportunity she was looking for, as she beat several other girls to pick up the crown as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

Muna disclosed that her experience as a beauty queen has been wonderful.

“It has a been a good experience. It has been very wonderful since I won the pageant,” she said.

Now, she has stepped up. She is on a higher level, dining and wining with other celebs and having maximum fun.

But amidst all these fun and glamour, Muna has not forgotten her roots. She has not forgotten where she is coming from. Stardom has not gotten to her head, hence she has kept her friends who were with her before now.

She said, “Why should I discard my friends? If I discard them now, what will I do to them when I finally become a bigger success? I believe that my crown now is just a pointer to better things to come in the future. It should not make me lose my focus at all.”

Muna has been getting numerous attention from the opposite sex, but she said it was no big problem to her. She cannot count the number of 'toasters' she gets on a daily basis because, “I don't even take notice of them,” she explained.

Muna claimed she did not have a boyfriend, even a school boyfriend

“I don't have a boyfriend, no boy can come now and claim I am his girlfriend. You can go to my school and ask. I am not interested in anybody. I am just on my own.”

Why, Spectacles asked.

“ When the time comes for me to be married, the guys would find out that I am a very down-to-earth person. I can live with anybody.”

And to the bachelors wishing to grab this queen as a wife, she said, “I am not crazy about the 'dark, tall and handsome' guy. All I know is that the guy must be God-fearing and he must be humble. Then, again, he must respect me, he must surely respect me.”

Muna is hot in terms of dressing!

“I can wear eye-popping dresses. In fact, I wear different things. I don't have a stagnant dress sense. I diversify. All I know is that what I wear must look good on me.”

As for her vision in life, the beauty queen says, “I want to be a very respectable ambassador of my country. I will stay glued to the entertainment industry. It will keep me in the spotlight and open doors for me.”