The Entertaining Labadi Beach

By Martin Nana Baffoe Pieterson
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Located on Nungua Tema road in Accra is this magnificent beach called the Labadi Pleasure Beach. As the name suggests, it offers a lot of pleasure to visitors. U can visit this beautiful beach everyday and you will leave with happy memories. Getting to this beach is not difficult at all; any vehicle from the main city centre, circle, in Accra can take you to the place. U can hire a taxi at a reasonable cost or join a bus. The place is so popular that every driver knows it. The inhabitants of the surburb are Gas and the place is called Labadi or La. The people of La are mostly fishermen; they are also very friendly and welcoming.

The beach has a vast stretch sand land with mini bars mounted at various points on the land. These bars serve both continental and local dishes as well as all kinds of drinks. Pric e of Food ranges from between 10 to 15 Ghana Cedis whiles drinks are between 2 to 10 Ghana Cedis.

Accomodation is no problem as the beach has a lodging place called the Labadi Beach Hotel. Rooms offer visitors the best comfort one can ever have and prices are reasonable.

The beach has a nice programme line-up for visitors. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually quite days where visitors can just come and relax. Activity days are Wednesdays, Fridays and the Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). There is the famous reggae night on Wednesdays which starts from 6pm. Here visitors are treated to great reggae tunes from local reggae stars till the next morning. It is such a lovely time to spend with friends. On Fridays, there is the Happy Hour which also starts from 6pm. This is usually a time to relax with friends over drinks while soaking in cool music.

The weekends present a lot of activities. Lots of visitors throng the beach on weekends. Apart from swimming, visitors also do horse riding among other activities. To protect swimmers, Life guards are positioned at various points at the beach. They guide swimmers as to where to move to and where not to go. This is done till all swimmers have left the sea.

For those who don't swim, acrobatic displays are done to the admiration of visitors. There are also musicians who come around to play music just to make visitors happy. Speed Boats are also around for those with the interest.

Entrance to the beach is 1Ghana Cedis on weekdays and 5 Ghana Cedis on weekends.

U always leave this beach an excited person. Try the place now