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They are hot, beautiful and sexy. That could best describe the trio of Vivian Effiong Richards, Ifeayinwa Arinze( a.k.a Desire) and Ogochukwu Nwosu. Just like the Plantazion Boys, Ogo joined Vivian and Ifeayinwa who have been into music for years. and like members of the same family, they also belong to a musical group called Xcise.

They go by the name Elo-Iban which, according to them, means Lively Ladies. Elo Iban is said to be a fusion of two languages. Elo means lively in Isoko language and Iban, in Edo language means ladies. " We got the name because we want to be identified with our roots." Explained the trio.

This group of ladies, like their counter-parts in developed countries, intend to stay together without breaking up like Envogue, Salt and Pepper, TLC, Destiny's Child among others. They are also set to make a statement in the music scene.

The three singers, who are all graduates with their second degrees have earlier been actresses who went through the rigours of showbiz, as well as share the same passion and are committed to making a staement with their kind of music.

We sing all kinds of songs. We also sing highlife, Hip-Hop, R & B. We do any songs, as long as we can flow with the rhythm. Anything that is good to the ear is what we are out to do.

Recording deal
No recording deal yet but we are being managed by a gospel group called Sixteam, They later brought us together and has recorded our songs in the studio and produced the video. The group is currently our management company.

The album will be out soon and it would be on air. People will start hearing it on radio and watching it on television. It's a way of reaching out to people. And anybody that is interested in sponsoring or marketing our album must have passion for what we do. We are not in a hurry to jump into anything that will not favour us. And anybody who is coming to us to make money should not come too close. It's not all about money but we have passion for our music. Anybody that wants to be a part of our team should love doing what we do.

The album has 12 tracks. We have all kinds of languages from different tribes. We are reaching out to everyone. If my language is not understood, the other track could be understood in another language. We already have a video format entitled, Pump it. It was directed by Akin Alabi. Everybody should look out for it.

All our tracks are hit but for now Pump it is what we are using for promotion till we are through with all our songs.

Breaking up
One of the reasons groups break up is because they don't have the passion for music. Why must you leave what you love doing? If you have passion for what you love to do, you will enjoy it no mater the circumstances, or obstacles, you will stick to it. We have passion for music. It's something we love to eat, drink and sleep with. We even wake up with music and we intend to be in this together based on our agreement and understanding.

Role model
I don't see us becoming Destiny's Child. My role model is Whitney, Shakira, I like to dance with her.

Love lives
We don't want to go into that because we don't want to make our private lives public. We are singles but not available. Our warning is hold your man, hold your son, hold your husband, hold your cousin because Iban is out there and too hot and sexy for your shoes. We are very, very sexy.

We want to win Grammy awards by the grace of God.

Our style
Our style stands us out. We are crazy, cool headed, moderate and available for everything.

Coping with stardom
We are prepared. It's something we had in mind for a long time. We know what it takes to be a star. We have featured in a number of movies.

Aside music and acting what would you have been doing?
Maybe we would have been working in an office or married with kids.

In fact, when you go for auditioning, the normal thing is for directors to say they have already got the cast for their roles. So, one ends up going for an audition to fill up the space or else you are on your own. Music is something you have inside, its your talent and passion, if you are doing it well, people will appreciate you. I am happy for this.

We are humble people, down to earth from a Christian background. Iban stands for real people. We are one of a kind. We are not wannabes. We are here to touch lives and create an impression positively. With the help of our fans out there, we will get to the top.