Spiritual! Goat Fell From A Ceiling While Occupants Were Asleep

By Agboola Ibrahim

An unfathomable incident about how a goat fell from a ceiling when the occupants were already having a rest has hit the internet again.

It is unbelievable, yet seems true that a goat broke in through a ceiling. The incredible incident was reported on social media by a man who encountered the terrible incident.

The man whose name is Tomisin Omo Akure recounted how a goat fell into his house from a ceiling while he was asleep and the uneasiness he experienced following the incident.

He claimed that at around 7 am in the morning, while still dozing off, he and his friends noticed a goat suddenly plummeting from their celling. Because they were unable to understand it, it was both humorous and a little frightening.

Owing to the intrusion of the enigmatic intrusion of the goat, the occupants became restless just as they wondered how the goat and where the goat emerged from.

The goat that came from an unidentified place broke the ceiling and the fan of the occupants. As the man worried about the incident, he informed media users how he intends to sell the goat to buy a new fan and repair his ceiling.