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Clarion Chukwura Abiola has, unarguably, carved a niche for herself in Nollywood. The beautiful actress, who started acting as a very young girl, is noted best for the role she played as a tough housewife whose personal interest ranked above all other consideration.

She also played very well an influential society woman capable of manipulating her male partners. Those are but a few pointers to her versatility as an actress.

Clarion has her tastes when it comes to style and she readily reveals them to Spectacles.


I use Cool Water range. I use Cool Water body spray, roll-on... In fact, any fragrance on me is Cool Water. I mix it from time to time with Campbell.

Most prized possession

I don't have a most prized possession. I have what I love most, that's my kids.

Native dress

From time to time, I wear Ankara in skirts and tops. I wear Senegalese kaftan

Beauty routine

I don't have a standard. The only thing that is routine is that every two weeks, I do body scrubbing with massage. Every Thursday, I give myself a facial. Every alternative Saturday, I body-scrub. I am a very hygienic person, I don't use soap for my intimate hygene, I use the same fresh range for intimate hygiene. I use Dudu Osun every night and Lux soap every morning.

Best food

I love Chinese food because it does not give you weight. I eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water.


I am a lover of Italian shoes, I love American clothes and Italian shoes. I also love some embroidered clothing from Asia, Hong Kong especially

Colour underwears

It depends on the colour. I believe in free lingerie, lingerie that is attractive, cozy and seductive

Turns–ons in people

Laughter, communication. I have to be able to communicate with you, I have to be with one who can talk, someone who is knowledgeable about so various issues, not one who talks about people.


Lousiness, gossip and unnecessary arrogance and snobbishness.