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Delectable Nollywood actress, singer and designer, Stella Damasus Aboderin, is a beautiful and talented actress who has touched and affected lives positively with her kind of roles. Getting Stella to interview was like pulling a tug of war. After series of fruitless efforts to see her, this twenty-nine-year-old mother of two eventually arranged for us to meet in her home at Lekki.

When asked about her lowest moment, she said it was the period her husband, Jaiye, died and when she was banned from acting for two years instead of one year that was earlier imposed. This Delta Ibo- born actress shares her love for clothes and accessories and how she intends keeping her Diamond set bought for her by her late husband as long as she can. Enjoy it .

WHO has had the biggest influence in your aesthetic?
That should be my mum and my elder sisters. My mum was a banker and, of course, she was obligated to wear stylish skirt suits to work every day and you know, when you dress like that, you should be careful in terms of colours not to mix and match. So, from there, I just noticed that my mum has a particular pattern of dressing and the colours that she puts together.

Also, I have four sisters who love fashion and designers. Though, I'm not like them but they really influenced me in a way because I like the way they dress with their friends in the university, the kind of things they buy, the way they wear their clothes just got me into going around to pick up few things, put them together and combine. So, basically, it is just my mum and my four elder sisters. I was never into looking at other people and say I want that style and stuff like that. My style is very simple.

Who is your style icon?
My mum.

When was the lowest point in your career?
That should be when I lost my husband. About two months before he died, they told ten of us about the ban thing, that we were not allowed to work for about one year. Later, the ban was extended to two years. So, at that time, it was really difficult for me because I lost my husband and they stopped me from the movie I was doing. It was really not easy for me but thank God before my husband died, we were running an events company together called Synergy.

But, after his death, I changed the name of the band to Gig factor and continued with the business. So, when I realized they were serious with the ban thing, I started looking for shows for the band to play, doing MC jobs, doing event planning for people. My sisters came and invested in event planning aspect of the business, five of us with different talents. So when our friends in London that wanted stuff here in Nigeria told us what they wanted, we get the things and send the things to them. So, at that point, my career was not really the way I wanted it to be because of the issues around me.

What is your style?
Simple, elegant but unique. I try to be different as much as I can because I don't want to be loud. I like to be elegant but don't dress to reveal unnecessary parts of the body, I try to be decent in everything I do. So simplicity, trendy and elegance are my style.

What makes an outfit yours?
Probably my combination. What people don't expect me to add to something. My earring, for instance, are hand made. So, just something small to give that little trick or something. I like to be very creative about what I wear. If I'm wearing a casual outfit, I just want to be very comfortable with it and it might not be the same way other people wear their's. For instance, when people bring me a fabric for aso ebi, I can make India top and wear jeans under it while others make theirs into skirt and blouse with a head tie. Also, it depends on how I want to create my look to be different not because I want to be different from others but just to create my own style. If it comes out different then it's a plus.

What is your most treasured possession?
I don't really have any but the diamond set my late husband bought for me from South Africa. It was a necklace, earring and bangle set. I wore it once to a dinner with him and since he died, I haven't worn it again. I'm keeping it for my daughters. When they grow up. I will give each of them a piece of it. So, that is the only thing I treasure and will keep as long as I can.

What are your fashion items?
Shoes, bags and every thing. But, I'm not crazy over them, I'm not a shoe person neither am I a bag person. I love clothes and accessories, I can wear a very simple straight gown but by the time I accessorius it, I will look unique and that is what I think is very important to me than shoes and bags. I can wear anything, maybe, because I'm not a designer freak.

Some ladies are actually like that, when you walk past them, what they look at is, oh she is wearing prada and stuff like that. But, in my case, I can go somewhere and find a nice slippers of my size, good colour and pick it. So it's just like that.
On your wish-list

For God to prosper my business, for my children to do very well, for wisdom to do the right things and to train my children. I also pray for my children to succeed in life and to be very happy.

Any word for your fans?
Yes. Very big thank you to you all who have been praying for me, to those who had me in their minds praying for me throughout my challenging moment and thank you all for the encouragement because if you are not encouraged you cannot continue with what you do. It has kept me going and made me to realize that some people love what I do. So, a big thank you to you all and I will not disappoint you.