Actress Ronke Odusanya Warns Mide Martins Strongly

By Agboola Ibrahim

Ronke Odusanya took to her Instagram page to address her colleague, Mide Martins, and urged people close to her to let her know that she is there to stay. Sharing a photo of the three of them on set, Ronke emphasized that she does not want any drama but is prepared for Mide if she stirs her up.

The two actresses are currently playing co-wives in a new movie, and Mide Martins has a reputation for causing trouble in her films. Ronke urged her followers to help relay the message to Mide that she is not interested in any conflicts.

“Just help me tell @mydemartins that I’m here to stay and not ready for any gbasgbos. If she brings any I’m fully ready. You do this one”.

Nollywood actress, Ronke Odusanya and Mode Martins are leading actress in the Yoruba movie industry and it is quite interesting that they are on set together.