Media Personality Promises To Divorce Husband If He Maltreats Her Dog

By Agboola Ibrahim

Popular Nigerian media personality, Maureen has promised heaven and earth that she will divorce her husband if he maltreats her dog or perhaps treat her dog unfriendly.

Maureen have already trending on social media and media users are aggressively reacting to her remarks.

However, while stressing the significance of her pet to her, she said she is ready to end whatsoever relationship she might be having with anybody if they disregard her dog.

Significantly, she asserted that her dog is more or less like her son and she treats it like royalty because of the love she has for it.

She also stressed that if it’s her husband that maltreats her dog, she would be forced to file a divorce from the man.

"I will file a divorce if my husband maltreat my dog. My dog is my everything. I don't know how to explain it, my dog is my son. You can't maltreat my dog, the friendship is over. If you are my boyfriend and you maltreat my dog, the boyfriendship is over