Toronto, ON- August 4, 2010- Empress is the latest artist to be signed to Hype Records in Toronto, Canada. The Ghanaian singer and rapper has been giving people a lot to talk about, from her controversial win as Miss Ghana Canada in 2001 to her lyrical style and content. Empress is ready to forge ahead in the musical world, with her great looks, talents and the diverse life experiences she brings. It is all about mass appeal, and Empress is bound to be the next female to gain ground on an International level.

More About Empress:
Artist “Empress” born as Anita Aboagye, has many things going for her; beauty, brains and talents. Born in the city of Accra in Ghana on March 19, 1983, she began singing as an adolescent in her church and school. Later in her life, Anita immigrated to Canada and tried to adapt to the Canadian culture. It wasn't that easy for her, as she had a rough time in school, and also had to stay with her aunt. Anita was going through some trials and tribulations, and often found solace in her song writing. She locked herself in her room for many hours with a pen and pad, just writing about her emotions and experiences through song. Anita explains how music helped her in tough situations, “Music kept me away from acting the fool, it overall feeds me and helps me stay neutral.” Music is her passion, and it was her scapegoat from all the negativity surrounding her. Whilst attending Islington Junior High School, Empress began showcasing her talents to her peers, which people took notice of and encouraged her to do more often. These feedback were positive reinforcements for her, and encourage her to pursue her dreams in singing.

North American culture also influenced her musical style, and she tapped into her natural ability to write and rhyme and started to rap. Anita became “Empress”, while lacing down lyrics on the street in her neighbourhood, and she ended up doing rap battles with local rappers. In just a couple of years, Empress transitioned into a songwriter, singer, performer and rapper. Not failing to mention, Empress also became a model and won Miss Ghana Canada in 2001. After winning her crown, she began to work with an entertainment company entitled Bless Entertainment, and worked as a host for many events and shows. Empress was able to start recording her music, and released her first single entitled “Crazy Over You”, independently and landed a gig to perform it in Maryland, D.C.

Currently, Empress is signed to Hype Records, based in Toronto Canada where she is recording her first album. Her latest single release are entitled “My Name” and “April Showers”, on which she both sings and raps on the tracks. Empress' creativity doesn't only lay among music, but she is also a successful hair and makeup stylist. She graduated in 2003 from the prestigious Marvel Beauty School in Yorkville, Downtown Toronto. Empress is going hard with her music, and with her determination and hard work, we expect to hear a lot more from this up and coming artist.

“My music is about empowering young women, my style is a bit of spice and sugar but always classy.”- Empress