Tragedy As Mad Man Snatched A Baby From Its Mother

By Agboola Ibrahim

Tragedy has lurked in a market and in the composure of a young woman who had a terrible struggle with a mad man who snatched away her toddler.

A shocking video has surfaced in the internet and it captured a tense atmosphere where a mad man snatched a toddler from its mother inside a quiet market.

Tragically, the short video revealed how a mad man fearlessly invaded a shop In a market that is relatively empty and carted away a baby. It was however seen in the video that the mother struggled to claim her child from the hands of a wild stranger. She ran passionately after the mentally deranged man to rescue the child but she met a counterattack from the mad man; The mad man threatened to harm her.

Unfortunately, the mother could not keep up with the threat from the mad man; she withdrew and this gave the mad man access to leave the market with the baby.