Why Politicizing EFCCC?.

Source: huhuonline.com

It was with consternation I read in recent times, the repulsive stories of the allegation of bias against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission , EFCC, by politicians who are being investigated by the anti graft agency. There is no denying the fact that politicians with questionable character who are being investigated by the anti graft agency would tend to be name calling, crying wolf where there is none, just to get public sympathy. They would always ascribe their woes to the evil machinations of their political opponents.  

  The question I have always asked which I want to ask again is …Is it the political opponents that bewitched them into soiling their hands by dipping their filthy hands into public treasury?  

  I want to strongly advise that the EFCC should not be accused of being used by political opponents because in the first instance, the operatives of the anti graft agency have a job to do. They are paid with tax payer's money to investigate financial and economic crimes and prosecute when a prima facie case has been established. I am also sure that where a petition has no merit, such a case would just not fly. So why accuse the EFCC of doing their job?  

  One would have thought that if the political looters who are empowered by the people's vote to provide dividends of democracy to the electorate, have the adroitness to loot public treasury, they should be able to face the music without pushing the blame on any body.  

  I beg politicians in the name of God that as we match towards general elections in 2011, they should leave out Mrs. Farida Waziri and the EFCC to be focused and concentrate in the fight against economic and financial crimes . So far so good, the EFCC under Farida Waziri has done Nigeria and Nigerians proud. No wonder, therefore, that Farida was honoured recently with a national award of Officer of the Federal Republic , OFR.  

  Madam Waziri, do not rest on your oars and do not be intimidated, for I say to you that Nigerians are looking up to you. You are the symbol of hope that Nigerians have now. Also remember, to whom much is given, much is expected. We expect you send more of these looters to the courts while we also pray that the judiciary will do the needful, wake up to their responsibility by ensuring that frivolous and unwarranted injunctions which is today the order of the day, become a thing of the past.  

  Don't mind their cries. Don't let their distraction affect your operations. Let them weep, let them blubber, let them snivel, I say let them howl. The looters must be allocated an accommodation in the prisons. That is where they rightly belong.  

Favour Ojelimafe
Ambrose Alli University
Ekpoma Nigeria